I live outside of the United States, Canada or Mexico. Am I able to play?

No, to play your main residence must be in:

How old do I have to be?

All contestants must be 18 years or older to register and play

How do I download the app?

Eligible contestants can download the app on either the App Store or the Google Play service.

My app looks weird / does not work correctly.

Make sure you are using the Official Finger On The App released by us! Be wary of imposters! Follow the links on our website for the correct application links.

How do I sign up?

Follow the on-screen instructions when creating your profile. Eligible contestants can sign up using your phone number and email.

How do I sign back into my account?

When you open the app, you should be met with the “Create Account” screen. Enter the same information you originally entered to create the account and “Create” the account again. This will log you back in with all of your lives and cookies intact!

My phone number is not working when I try to register?

Please make sure you are signing up with a US, Canada or Mexico based number capable of receiving SMS. We will still verify your residency and eligibility at the end of the competition.

How are you stopping people from cheating?

We have our ways…

Can I use a stylus?

It’s called FINGER on the app not STYLUS on the app!

Can I switch off with other people while playing?

NO. This is a violation of the rules and will lead to disqualification if any suspicion of swapping players is suspected.

What should I do during the Main Event?

  1. Keep your finger on the app!
  2. Pay attention to your phone screen...we may surprise you...
  3. All contestants start with 0 Extra Lives. If you have obtained Extra lives from battle mode or the store they will be used automatically in any event that would normally cause game over.
  4. Keep yourself and others safe while playing - stretch, eat, and drink!
  5. Time and date of the Main Event are subject to change. Allow notifications for updates and reminders!

What is Battle Mode?

Battle Mode is a new game mode that will be available to play before the start of the Main Event.

In Battle Mode, you can earn cookies that are redeemable for extra lives for use in the Main Event. Contestants can have a maximum of 3 extra lives during the Main Event.

Cookies are earned by outlasting or tying your opponent in a 5-minute battle.

What happens if I run into technical issues?

Contest organizers are not responsible for technical issues resulting from but not limited to (connectivity, hardware, or software issues). To reduce the possibility of encountering an issue we recommend.

Can I stream myself and my gameplay?

Yes! We encourage all eligible contestants to stream and have spectators join in on the fun!

How do I get my stream featured?

Email a link to your stream to streams@beastinterative.co we may feature it.

How do points and Extra Lives work?

Points can be earned through Battle Mode and redeemed for Extra Lives in the in-app store.

Extra Lives can be purchased from the in-app store. Remember, contestants can only have a maximum of 3 extra lives!

For a limited time during the Main Event, a final life will be available for purchase from the in-app store if you lose all lives.

How much can I win?

The Main Event winner will receive $100,000, subject to eligibility and review by representatives of Beast Games, LLC.

How do I lose?

Remove your Finger from the App… Or miss a gameplay prompt.