1. The contest organizers reserve the right to terminate or disqualify any user at the sole discretion of the organizers.
  2. Players must be physically located in

    • The 50 contiguous United States, Hawaii or Alaska
    • Canada, Excluding Quebec
    • Mexico
  3. Only players 18 years of age or older are eligible to compete and claim prizes.
  4. Users can be disqualified for but not limited to:

    • Inappropriate or offensive usernames
    • Using a virtual phone number
    • Manipulating or circumventing authentication
    • Automating or scripting interactions
    • Decompiling or modifying the application
    • Utilizing an object other than a finger to operate the application.
  5. Swapping between players is not allowed. Only 1 player can be in control of each app/screen for the entire duration of the contest.
  6. The Main Event winner will receive $100,000, subject to eligibility and review by representatives of Beast Games, LLC.

    • The final eligible contestant with their finger on the app will be shown a winning screen and contacted by a representative of Beast Games, LLC.
  7. Beast Games, LLC. reserves the right to change the prize procedure and winner selection process at any time.

Finger on The App 2 is sponsored by Beast Games, LLC.